The ARTISAN craftsmen team specialise in the manual production of quality furniture.

Made from solid wood, and this insistence on manual artisan skill is what sets our quality furniture apart. 

Hands are the ARTISAN craftsmen basic equipment and the control point of their woodwork…..from a tree to a chair, the wood travels from the hands of one artisan to another. The wood is shared only with designers who value their love of wood, Artisan encourages designers to create each piece with their own artistic signature.

Wood selection, its preparation for production, rough processing and assembling, finishing and protection… at every moment these craftsmen’s sharp eye and infallible touch guarantee an individual approach that results in a top quality furniture product or, more precisely, handicraft.

We are the proud sole Australian distributors for the iconic ARTISAN furniture brand…..view the full collection in all its natural beauty.  The Artisan range of furniture is extensive and the international award winning and best sellers featured below have been curated for an Australian lifestyle, pieces designed and built by artisans to last a lifetime.