Artisans producing furniture to adorn your living environment that is as natural as the wood from which it originated

Artisan is an award winning design and innovation manufacturer in Bosnia, which specialise in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, their insistence on manual artisan work is what sets them apart.

Artisan collaborate with the best regional and global designers who are familiar with their technological advantages and who know how to convey their expertise into a vision that is worthy of the precious material that is wood.

Artisan’s aim is to reaffirm their philosophy with each collection, each species of timber, each designer’s vision, combined with a diligent craftsman’s finish. The final step in the manufacturing process incorporates application of natural oils, soaps, wax or varnish, which ensures a long lifespan, preserves the naturalness and improves the visual timber features of each product.

“We have known wood our entire life, from the forest we played in as children…” – Fadil